I have a problem with my broadband connection


  • Broadband connection issues can be frustrating and sometimes be difficult to find the cause. However there are a few simple steps you can follow to cure most faults. We ask that you follow the step by step guide below before reporting a fault.

    • Try an alternative ADSL/FTTC Microfilter.
      PLEASE NOTE, If you have Telephone Extensions in your Home/Office, each Telephone socket should be fitted with a microfilter irrespective of the type of the device connected. Microfilters can and do fail. If you do not have a spare microfilter, you can normally purchase these from supermarkets and DIY stores. Additional microfilters can be purchased from Zone Broadband, by calling us on 0330 135 9663.
    • Is your router connected into your Master Socket?
      Your Master Socket will look like the picture above and is where your Telephone line comes into your property. Simply unplug all the devices you have connected to your master socket except your Broadband Router to see if this resolves your Broadband connection issues. Once your connection is stable, reconnect each device one by one until the problem reoccurs. If the problem reoccurs, you have a faulty device connected and you should leave this disconnected until a replacement can be found.
    • Are there extension connected to your Telephone line?
      Most new build houses these days have more than one telephone socket, and some old houses also have telephone extensions. Most people these days have cordless DECT telephones making the old extension cables connected to your Master Socket redundant. These telephone extensions can cause unnecessary issues with Broadband Connections. To test if your extension cables are causing the problem, remove the face plate on the master socket, plug your microfilter into the test socket and your router into the microfilter. Re-check the Broadband Connection and if the problem is resolved, there may be an issue with one of the Telephone Extensions in your premises. Should this be the case we suggest that you contact a qualified tradesman to correct the fault with your Telephone Extensions. However if you extension was installed by an Openreach engineer, please contact our support team on 0330 135 9663.
    • Do you have dial tone?
      If you cannot hear a dialling on your telephone then there may be a fault with your telephone line. This will affect both your telephone and broadband service. Even if you do not use your Telephone line to make Telephone calls it is still advisable to make sure you have dial tone. If your Zone Broadband Service includes Line Rental and you do not have a dial tone, please report the fault by calling our Support Team on 0330 135 9663. If your Line Rental is with another provider please contact them to report the fault.
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