Why is my broadband slow?


  • Your Broadband Speed is dependent on a number of things. For example the Broadband Speed you receive is determined by the distance from your property to your Telephone Exchange for ADSL connections and the distance to your Fibre Cabinet for FTTC connections. However there are other reasons that could affect your Broadband Speed that you can control as listed below:

    • Your router has been switched off or unplugged when not used.
      Your Broadband router should be powered on at all times. If you regularly turn off your router or turn your router off for extended periods then then your Broadband Service will think there is a fault and reduce your speed in order to try and rectify the fault. This is called Dynamic Line Management which can take up to 10 days for the line to become stable again when power is restored to the router or the fault has been fixed on your service.
    • Location of your router.
      Make sure your Broadband Router is connected to your Master Socket. This is the main Telephone Socket where the Telephone Line enters your property. If you connect your router to an extension socket your Broadband Speed made be slower. Connecting to the Master Socket will ensure the fastest speed possible.
    • Is your router compatible?
      Zone broadband allow you to use your own router to receive our Broadband Service. Please make sure your router model and type is compatible with our service and the speed of service you have ordered. If you are using the router supplied with your Broadband Service then compatibility is ensured.
    • Are you connected to Wi-Fi?
      If all your devices are connected to the router via Wi-Fi then try plugging a laptop or PC into any of the Four Ethernet ports on the back of the router. If you do not have a PC or Laptop, maybe you could ask and friend or a family member if you could borrow their device to perform this test.
    • Anti-Virus Software.
      Some Anti-Virus software inspects every website before it loads on your web browser. This can make your Broadband Speed appear to be slow. Try disabling your Anti-Virus software and see if this speeds up browsing and downloading.

    If you have tried all the above, please contact our Support Department on 0330 135 9663 where one of your team will be pleased to run through further checks with you.

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